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Support Libertarian Student Groups!

$50.00 raised
GOAL: $400.00

Friend of Liberty,

I know you believe in the future of the libertarian movement.

As a dedicated libertarian, your commitment to the prevailing principle of freedom is apparent.

You have an opportunity to share your dedication to libertarian principles this holiday season.

Over the last year, the left and the right have been engaged in an ugly brawl. Both sides are upping the ante - and the result has been a dramatic increase in government. Government subsidies, loans, and regulations have lead to out-of-control costs for everything from the food you eat to education. They clearly believe personal insults and "consultants" are more important than the future of our great nation.

The Libertarian Party of Nevada's Young Libertarians are fighting to expose the big government left and right on college campuses in Nevada, and today, LPNevada launches a special campaign so you and I can support and encourage these students as they prepare to face the Democrats and Republicans next semester.

For about $100 per campus, LPNevada can equip these young activists with the recruitment supplies and activists kits they need to be successful.

When we deliver these supplies, I'd like to include your message of encouragement to them as well. I know it would mean a lot to them to hear from you.

Thanks to LPNevada supporters, the Nevada Young Libertarians is one of the largest groups on college campuses in Nevada and is growing quickly in high schools across the state.

At $100 per group, my goal is to raise $400 between now and the end of the year to support these libertarian student groups.

Each supply package will include recruitment tools and messages of encouragement to the student groups who face opposition from other political organizations on campus.

The opposition won't back down next semester - they will be back in force. They're not going to quit - which is why you and I must act now to provide reinforcement and encouragement.

Will you write a message of support for one of these libertarian students, and accompany it with a donation to support their student group?

On this giving Tuesday, I ask you to stand with these students and give them the tools to oppose the voices of big government on campus. Please give a donation today to reinforce these factions of liberty who fight armies of political establishment.

Thank you for standing with these students - and happy Giving Tuesday.


Alexander M. DiBenedetto
Executive Director
Libertarian Party of Nevada

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